Posted March 15, 2020

The Covid-19 situation has somewhat escalated in the past 24 hours.

We’ve responded by putting hand sanitisers at all of our eftpos terminals, at all of our free water stations, and a couple of other places where it is freely available to customers. This is on top of the dispensers we already have at all back of house work stations for staff.

We’ve also used this as a prompt to ensure we’ve still got in place best practice for hygiene throughout all of our operations. We’re routinely sanitising surfaces that staff or customers regularly touch, such as eftpos terminals, touch screen tills, door handles, menus, etc. This is on top of the normal day to day hygiene standards we have in place.

Staff have also had made available to them flu vaccine shots (available later this month) as we think it’s paramount to look after staff health and wellbeing especially when they’re coming into contact with so many people each day. It’s also very important to the wider community to reduce instances of the flu when there could be an outbreak of covid-19 at the same time. Staff have also been instructed that if they have any flu like symptoms, to stay home.

We think it’s important that we do carry on, albeit with a cautious version of normality, to prevent a community outbreak of covid-19.

Business hours are unaffected and we’ve still got great food and a bunch of absolutely banging beers on.



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