Here's the day we've been waiting for!

Posted May 21, 2020

Here's the day we've been waiting for!

Today the "dining" restriction is lifted, and you can just drop in for a drink!

Huge thanks out to everyone who's planned their visit to us over a meal, as per the level 2 rules for the last week.

From today onwards you'll no longer be required to dine in order to purchase alcohol, however there are still some restrictions we need to stick to.

Guests will need to be seated, be in groups of 10 or less, and will need a metre of space between themselves and other groups. For that reason, we will greet you on the way in, check that you've signed in on our tracing register, and seat you at an appropriate table.

We will not be able to serve you up at the bar- one of us (and only one of us) will come over to take an order and bring you food and drinks. With this in mind, it will be a really good idea to look on if you need to choose a beer.

We will in a lot of instances ask for a credit card to secure the tab for your table, however when it's time to pay, you will be able to split the bill between guests as per normal.

We're all really looking forward to seeing you all!

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