JuiceHead Quiz night

Posted February 16, 2022

We are happy to announce the launch of a couple of new JuiceHead beers at The Craft Embassy next Wednesday 23rd February.

Grab your friends and come down for a fun night of tasting some new JuiceHead beers and doing a quiz.
Free entry - JuiceHead Prizes! 7pm Wednesday 23rd Feb.
Teams of 4-6 are required.
Limited space so book your spot now by emailing functions@craftembassy.co.nz
Special deal for the evening - $20 tasting tray of JuiceHead beers for the night.

Never heard of JuiceHead?

JuiceHead first came together at the Wellington institution that is the Malthouse. Fresh off the boat from the UK and Ireland, everyone involved found themselves immersed in the world of craft beer.

After grafting together for a few years on the frontline of slinging pints to punters, with a somewhat naive “how hard can it be?” attitude, four bartenders formed JuiceHead Beer.

Launching with a handful of experimental beers, some of which were hugely popular and are still in production today, and some which were maybe not what we hoped, JuiceHead came into existence in March 2017.

Why call it JuiceHead? There doesn’t always have to be a story behind the name, sometimes the name comes first and that informs the ethos of some of the beers we make.

Our main philosophy is making beers that fit any situation or scenario you might find yourself in, and always, always being excited about the beer you’ve just ordered. With each new beer, Juicehead is shooting for that “perfect pint”, if such a thing exists. That sensation of the nail-on-the-head, pitch-perfect, flawless, true-to-style beer.


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