Our front terrace is unapologetically smokefree

Posted September 28, 2018

This is our front Terrace and it’s unapologetically smoke-free.

There are a bunch of reasons for it (air ventilation being drawn in from it to the restaurant, doors that open wide and would allow smoke to drift in, outdoor area and awning of Amazonita below where no doubt people would flick butts- just look at the awning below Fat Eddies down the road for example), but at the heart of it, we just want to make this amazing place somewhere everyone can enjoy the view, a drink and a feed without their experience being compromised by second hand smoke.

We chose not to put “No Smoking” signs up, because they look a bit tacky and you can tell that it’s a smoke-free area, because of the dining height tables and absence of ashtrays. Also we think if you’re a smoker, you should be discerning whether or not it’s okay to smoke by the presence of signs that you can, rather than the absence of signs that you can’t, and if you’re in anyway unsure, you should ask rather than presuming.

We have provided a smoking area, where none of the issues above are of concern and we provide ashtrays. When non-smoking guests sit there, we make them aware in advance that other guests are welcome to smoke there. We’re more than happy to guide you there. #smokefreedining #theterracechch #nzcraftbeer #craftbar #restaurant

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