Welcome to level 1!

Posted June 9, 2020

Welcome to level 1!

We'd like to acknowledge all the support we had through level 2, and the understanding everyone showed us with regards to the restrictions that were required.

However that is behind us and today is a great day!

You're no longer required to sign in (although we have QR codes throughout the place so you can keep track of visiting us in the NZ COVID Tracer App).

You're not required to be seated throughout your visit.

You're no longer required to keep a metre from and not mingle with other guests.


We also want to acknowledge all of our staff, who have adapted to all of the changes required at alert level 2 admirably and taken everything in their stride to keep delivering service we're really proud of.

Part of that service has been table service to all guests at all times. While some guests prefer to pop up to the bar and have a look at the taps and badges, for those who'd prefer someone to come to their table to take an order, this will continue. This may require you hand over a credit card in order to open a tab, but we can and will do it.

We look forward to seeing you all soon, and enjoy this hard earned sense of normality we've reached today.

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